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Cryotherapy In Colorado Springs, CO

Goosebumps Cryotherapy provides an adventurous and community-based approach to cryotherapy in Colorado Springs. Cryotherapy is a safe and non-invasive option to treat a number of health and cosmetic issues. We offer whole-body cryotherapy and localized cryotherapy options, body compression and infrared light therapy to reduce pain, aid recovery, and improve overall health. Whether you’re recovering from a sports injury or training for a marathon, we’d love to help you meet your goals. In addition, our body sculpting and facial services will leave you feeling confident and beautiful for weeks to come.

What We Offer

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korey goodwin
1 week ago
This place is amazing! The customer service! The modalities! The detail orientation! They care for the people they are helping! Amazing highly recommended!
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Paul Stephenson
1 week ago
Cool as a cucumber and a side of Red Hot Chili Peppers… love this place for recovery from riding my bike at the USAF Academy
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Dana Moudry-Cooper
1 month ago
Goosebumps is such a nice place to go and get some pampering! I just did a 5 day challenge doing the full body cryo treatment and have been sleeping so good! I'm looking forward to more treatments and recovery. The staff...
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